La Vie Nutrition

La Vie Nutrition exists to give you the best tools to nourish and rejuvenate the body.

We do this with a realistic approach that anyone can put into practice.

We cover everything from weight loss to allergies, hormone reset to diabetes, skin conditions and whole family nutrition.

Life is precious. Great health is priceless.


I lost 25 pounds with a healthy diet
I had known Cindy for 10 years when I approached her regarding the 25 pounds I had gained. I was not only overweight, but emotionally drained. Cindy put me on
a very carefully planned out raw food and juicing regimen. With her constant support and encouragement I was able to lose the weight and gain my confidence back.
— Diane G.
Cindy has changed my life
I have never said that about any one or event in my life. She has an amazing ability to cut to the core issue and resolve it. She has fundamentally changed my view of eating, food and my relationship with food. That is really the whole story.
— Chris Gonzales