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With many thanks to all my great clients. We did it together!!!!


Cindy has changed my life

I have never said that about any one or event in my life.  She has an amazing ability to cut to the core issue and resolve it.  She has fundamentally changed my view of eating, food and my relationship with food.  That is really the whole story. And it's taken nearly a lifetime to find Cindy. 

I remember getting on the scale at school in third grade in the nurses office. Everyone was required to get a height and weight. I was embarrassed and mortified at what the scale showed.  Wow!  I was teased and even humiliated by my own father. He said words to me that hurt and will never forget. Fast-forward a few years to when I was 15 and spent a summer with my older sister and just naturally lost weight.  For the first time I felt normal. So from that point on I was focused on what I ate and how I ate.  Over the years—decades, I've tried diets, frequented doctors, naturopaths, nutritionist, weight watchers, and everything imaginable to get to that “perfect” yet illusive weight.  I’m a pretty successful businesswoman with a masters degree.  But, my day revolved on what not to eat.  I could master everything but my weight.  Weight and eating has always been a struggle for me until I met Cindy a few months ago.  Again in the past I focused in on how much NOT to eat. The scale was my friend and my enemy. 

Cindy changed my life with the simple green smoothie. She's changing lives one smoothie at a time.
Cindy cares so much about helping people.  I have never met a more passionate, compassionate, loving person. — Chris Gonzales

Cindy has truly changed my life. With some very simple things that she's introduced to me, I feel that I am getting nourished, at the right weight, and healthier than I've ever been, both mentally and physically.  I've always exercised hard but couldn't loose weight. I finally feel I’m developing a healthy relationship with food.  Cindy turns all the complicated stuff into something really simple. Nourish your body with healthy food and your body will find it’s proper weight.

Chris Gonzales

Gracias a Dios, por averte conocido

Le doy gracias a Dios por haber conocido a Cindy, me ayudado increíblemente a cambiar la salud mía y de mi familia. Yo constantemente sufría con anemia, periodos irregulares, infecciones de orina y otros problemas de salud. Inclusive mi hijo Isaac Sufría con ganglios inflamados y alergias. Le doy gracias a Dios por la vida de Cindy y le pido que le siga dando toda la sabiduría para ayudar a muchas más personas. Nuestras vidas han cambiado.


I lost 25 pounds with a healthy diet

Cindy is a one of a kind person who cares about the entire well being of anyone who has the pleasure of meeting her. She has years of experience and training in the area of nutrition and health and I was lucky enough to benefit from her knowledge.

I had known Cindy for 10 years when I approached her regarding the 25 pounds I had gained. I was not only overweight, but emotionally drained. Cindy put me on
a very carefully planned out raw food and juicing regimen. With her constant support and encouragement I was able to lose the weight and gain my confidence back. 
I would recommend Cindy to any one who is seeking nutrition advice and guidance. She also has tips for healthy recipes and supplements that would enhance your body's overall well-being.

Diane G.

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